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Relaxing at Home
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January 2023


Stand up and take action - it is easier with a coach in your corner!

Take back your health t and live life with your unique values in mind!


If you want to live better, you need to learn a few tools, and I am here to teach you them!

If you are ready to increase your energy, improve your sleep, lose belly fat and gain control of your calendar, this is the program for you. I get it. You have tried many diets and regimes over the years, and they always last for a few months, but then you are back to your same old habits.


  • Eating late 

  • Snacking  

  • Sleeping poorly

  • Lacking the energy you need to live a life by your design

Don't make a new years resolution - join THIS program to learn how to lower your stress, master intermittent fasting and take back control of your day!

Week 1

We will begin our 16:8 fast together. You will learn how to break the fast, what to eat during your eating window and what you can expect during your fasted state. This first week is the foundation of the rest of your program. It doesn't matter if you eat meat or don't - if you have tried fasting in the past or if you are brand new - you will start exactly where you are!

You will learn to navigate your eating habits and integrate habits that serve your goals. 


Benefits of fasting:

Increased energy

Increase insulting sensitivity

Weight loss

Improved sleep

Mental sharpness

After the first week of 16:8 fasting, we will continue this as the norm, but I will teach you to add two longer fasts to the week. If this feels right, you will have all the knowledge you need to eat and plan your eating windows as our ancestors did. 

There is an abundance of comfort and food - the availability is wild! Humans do well to eat less often - not less - just not as frequently, and after week one, you will know why and you will have experienced it for yourself first-hand. Join in and learn how intermittent fasting can improve your body composition, mental clarity and sleep quality.

Week 2

Breathwork - I will teach you how to lower your stress and anxiety through Buteyko breathwork. This is a fascinating and easy-to-practice method created by Konstantine Buteyko. When we breathe calmly, we think differently, and therefore we choose differently. We also sleep better - the higher the quality of our sleep, the higher the quality of our choices the following day.


You will be able to plan and execute your goals for 2023 because after we are done, you will think better, which will help you do better. It is that simple.

We will also continue our intermittent fasting practice during week 2, you will be able to ask questions during our group calls and I will help you lean into this rewarding tool. The 16:8 fasting/eating window is perfect for many! In addition to 16:8, I will teach longer fasts which are attainable and powerful. When you are giving your body a digestional pause, and you are calming and clearing your mind, you will make room for the thoughts and activities that really matter to you and your unique value system. 

Week 3

Working with your calendar to create a life that you love. Calendar work helps you to include the things you value most. When we make New Year's Resolutions, we can get caught up and set huge goals without breaking down the steps it takes to get there. Setting yourself up for defeat before the year has even really started. Don't keep doing the same thing expecting a new result. Learn to master your calendar.


Learning how to carve out the time to do the things that help you express becoming the person you are meant to be is an essential step in the process.

Fall in love with the process in week 3!

Week 4

Put it all together. During this final week of the program, you will feel confident in the protocol of intermittent fasting for a 16:8 time frame. You will also be able to add slightly longer fasts when appropriate.

This alone will result in weight loss, mental clarity and better sleep quality. 

Next, you will have experienced how planning your calendar to include yourself and your needs improves the quality of your life and brings you closer to living a life that is truly designed by YOU. The result? More congruency, joy and peace. 


Read more about each tool below!

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Weight loss

By practising intermittent fasting in a group setting you will learn what works for you and you will have the accountability you need to stick to the protocol. 

Fasting that works long term

The timing of when you eat matters. Just a few generations ago there really was no such thing as snacking. It doesn't matter what sort of diet you enjoy you can learn fasting protocols that will get you amazing results.

Breathe for health

The benefits of The Buteyko Method are many! Join and enhanced your breath control, which helps to prevent breathlessness and promote proper breathing patterns. My clients report better sleep, digestion, and a sense of calm they could not attain before regular daily practice.

Stress Reduction

You already know how detrimental stress is to your overall health. Learn breath techniques that make a difference in the quality of your sleep and overall calm.

Calandar work

Have you ever heard "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?" Sounds harsh right? My clients who put themselves into their calendar and prioritize their own wants, need, and desires often get the results - the one who doesn't, do not get the desired outcome.

Eat to express who you really are

Don't crash diet this January. Instead, learn to eat the foods that serve you and your overall health. Say no to ultra-processed foods and increase the number of plants you consume. Fibre is underrated! Eating for your health allows you to continue to follow an omnivore, vegan, keto, or low-carb diet. I want you to look at timing and portion; this is the next right step in your wellness journey.

What Our Clients Say

Bamboo Leaves

Wendy, UK

Damais review.jpg
"Kristen was so knowledgeable and supportive. Her style of coaching allowed me to fully understand the impact of my decisions and adapt them to leave me feeling better and functioning at a higher level without the fads and restrictive diets. I would highly recommend Friendly Plate."
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