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First time consultation

Nutrition assessment

Let us have a look at your habits and make a plan for your diet direction. Are you interested in building muscle, lossing weight, balancing hormones, boosting energy? Whatever your goal is we will start by looking at your current nutrition and lifestyle habits.


We will need a 3 - 5 day food journal before this session.

During our session we'll analyse the content of your food journal and you'll receive a report detailing all the macro and micro nutrients you have consumed. 

This gives us the foundation of our plan together, if you choose to pursue greater health and vitality through nutrition coaching with The Friendly Plate this is a vital first step.


Any follow up appointments should be scheduled according to your goals.

These appointments can take place in person or via Zoom; you choose what works best for your needs.

Follow up consultations

Have you been through a nutrition assessment? Do you know where you are going but you need help to stay on the right path? I am here for YOU and eager to help you implement the changes you need in order to show up everyday as your best and most confident self.


During these consultations we will continue to take an honest look at what you are doing right and what needs to be tweaked.


It isn't about perfection it is about your individual needs and your individual goals. 

These sessions will give you the tools and confidence to continue on your journey toward better choices and better outcomes.

Book today to set goals and learn more about nourishing your body.

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