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The Every Day Dream

Many things are happening in my life at the moment! I am genuinely trying to make a life by my design. I have a dream, and I work to create that reality every day. I love my life, and much like a garden I tend to it and nurture it. But when time is not on my side, and I need to prioritise wisely, sometimes even the most important people in my life get left out. I am more than positive that this rings true for many. So how do we pursue the life of our dreams while staying connected to the life we lead every day?

In the past, I have taken pride in seeing the possible blunders that might happen up ahead, and course corrected before encountering these oversights. These days I seem to be so present in what I am doing, that’s a plus, that other projects and relationships, can become out of sight out of mind. So again, how does one make sure to be authentic and open, while striving for real gains and self-development?

Now many of you reading this blog have heard of Brene Brown. She often speaks about living wholeheartedly. Crucial, right? To me, this means being fully committed to playing 100%. It means you are not on the sidelines of your own life. You are an all-star (or a rock star, whatever floats your boat), and you need to lead your team into the playoffs. Win or loss, you are all in. Let’s be honest, what is the alternative to not leading your life the way you want to live it? How mundane an existence would that be?

I do not have all the answers. However, I will share the things that work for me in my life, and I’ll keep this short.

1. Mindset. You have to work on your mindset to align yourself with the energy you need to create the world you want to be a part of. The way you view yourself and your world will make or break your forward trajectory. Through a love for knowledge, you will be continuously propelling yourself forward and closer to your goals. If need be get a mentor, do a course, read a book. You are in the driver’s seat here. My inspirations: Carol Dweck, Danielle De La Porte, Rich Roll

2. Chiropractic care. You need to be clear of interference in your nervous system to maximise your innate potential as a human being. We perceive and relate to the world around us through our nervous system so by not getting checked and cleared for vertebral subluxation we are choosing to experience less of the world around us while compromising our health and vitality. I get checked by a principled doctor of chiropractic once a week.

3. Nutrition. You need healthy nutritious food in your system regularly. You don’t brush your teeth every once in a while; you do it twice a day if not more often. Feeding your body with healthy, organic, sustainable choices every day is good for you and good for the planet! I feel more centred and more open for connection when I am fueling my body with wholesome plant-based foods.

4. Simple pleasures. You have to get outside! If you are not walking in the forest or along the beach, joining friends for a meal, reading your favourite books, or indulging in life’s simplest pleasures you are missing out! Just get away from your mobile, tablet or computer and immerse yourself in life. I love coffee and enjoy making it with my V60 (or have my adoring husband do it) puzzling with my children, running, making time for friends, writing, snapping photos and so much more. But the point is I do what gives me joy! Now sometimes it takes a great deal of planning to make these pleasureful moments happen but these moments are the memories our lives are made from.

5. Connection. You should make time to connect with yourself, your family, and your purpose. Make time for meditation. It isn’t as hard or as fancy, as it has been made out to be. There are fantastic apps that can get you started, or get out in your community and find a meditation workshop. Check in with your loved ones regularly, because if we don’t have each other what do, we have? My meditation practice is not as regular as I’d like but I’m getting there. Morning routines, hint hint. Social media helps me stay in touch with the folks who live far away otherwise a good old fashion, “I’m stopping by soon, put on the coffee!” seems to do very nicely with those who live a little closer.

So how do we strive for our dreams while staying connected to the things that matter most every day? I’m not sure I answered that question. In my humble opinion, be yourself. Show up and play full out! Love yourself and everyone you meet. Yes, everyone! Ask for help when you need it there is no shame in that. Plus, hey, don’t get bogged down in the perfection. You are on your way, and the journey is all about the joys of living. Take care of yourself and stay alert. The more present you are, the more that state of consciousness rubs off on others.

I hope this finds you well and in a state of abundance.

Keep reaching for your dreams!

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