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Food Frequency

Lately, I am rushed. I know that I am not alone. I meet people every day who struggle with their work-life balance. My purpose is to educate the world about the many ways they can increase their potential for excellent health and well-being through nutrition and chiropractic. Where are we without our health?

It is safe to say that without proper health we can not enjoy life to it’s fullest. But it is more complicated than that. Our mental health, spiritual well-being, and our physical health shape the way we see the world. The way we experience it!

Currently, I am just over two months into my Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College. Already the building blocks at the start of the program have taught me that we are what we put into our bodies. I mean, I have always know that, but now I understand that at the chemical level everything we are is made from what we ingest. As a vegan, I eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I am good at making things from scratch, and I enjoy being in the kitchen. My most significant challenges are to eat more often and to ensure I am getting the micronutrients and the coenzymes I need to assimilate the foods I eat. The reason for doing so is that the wonderfully nutritious foods I make will not be adequately digested and used to benefit my body if I lack the digestive enzymes to assimilate them. So you are not what you eat, but what you digest and absorb.

Three easy tips for better digestion:

1. Breathe deeply before a meal. Get prepared to enjoy a quiet moment where you can give thanks and gratitude for the meal you are about to consume. The breakdown of starches starts in the mouth. The enzyme Ptyalin is made by the saliva glands and is essential for the breaking down of carbohydrates. When we eat in a rush, we do not give the signals to the body to prepare the digestive process. Therefore we extract fewer nutrients from the food ingested. What a waste!

2. Chew your food thoroughly to start the digestive process and eat smaller meals to give room in the stomach for the food to be digested. The smaller the portions we swallow become before they make their way down the esophagus the easier it is for the stomach to absorb them.

3. If you find that particular foods upset your stomach try excluding them from your diet for two or three weeks, then introduce them again and pay close attention to how you feel when you include them. You do not necessarily have an allergy, maybe just an intolerance.

My journey has to lead me to believe that I have a gluten intolerance. For the past three weeks, I have not ingested gluten except for on two occasions. I find that I am not bloated or gassy or fatigued after my meals now. I feel so much better, and I recommend anyone to experiment with the food they think may be giving them grief. Listen to that inner voice; you are your own doctor.

Just by cleaning up my diet I feel more alive! I am whole and grounded. I feel a connection to everything I put on my plate. I see the people around me clearly, and I feel more empathy for them and the planet. My diet is a spiritual practice you could say.

This journey of spiritual enlightenment is compelling, and it is happening one bite at a time.

I adore my children, and I am passionately married. These relationships are the foundation for my emotional wellbeing. It is sometimes complicated. My children are demanding! As are yours sometimes, I’m sure. When I am not whole, I am unable to connect with them. And when we are not connected I am not whole. This connection is vast and affects how I show up for others in my life. It impacts my relationships at works and how I interact with everyone around me.

Both nutrition and chiropractic are essential for mental, spiritual and physical well being. I get checked once a week by my chiropractor and if there is anything that is lacking symmetry and balance I am adjusted. Every organ in our body is connected to the one under our hat, and our brain is the operations leader who oversees EVERYTHING in our body through the nervous system. It is quite the system as you already know, it is in fact so vital that it is protected by the spine. Making sure that system is free of interference allows me to adapt and experience life to it’s fullest.

So through food and frequency, I am here to share my experience. I want you all to enjoy spiritual enlightenment! Remember you are your own doctor. Your body heals itself! Keep it free of interference, eat gorgeous food, and love wholeheartedly – this is what the human experience is all about.

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