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New Lessons

What I am learning while studying nutrition that has nothing to do with food!

1. I love learning! You know how you use your free time scrolling through social media and doing little time wasters? Well, I have not had time for that this past year. Don’t get me wrong I use social media, but it doesn’t control my life. Instead I use my time more efficiently, and I have more energy because of it!

2. I plan my day, week and month now. Every impending due date would strike fear into my body! Could I meet the dead line? Would it be good enough? How can I write a 5000 word essay? Now I have experienced the pressure and I understand time management. I plan everything from quality time with the family, to dinner dates and exercise. It’s not as sexy as being spontaneous but I get a lot more done!

3. Create a functional environment. Of course that was one of the first learnings. I set up my office and stocked it with pens, and highlighters and shelves where all my books could be easily accessed. I have a great set of headphone for Skype calls and virtual lectures, and it’s all within reach. But it over flowed into other areas like when I looked at the shelves in our kitchen and saw that all the pans, and utensils I used most were just out of reach. Together with my husband, who by the way is almost two meters tall and has never experienced things being out of reach in his life, we reorganized the kitchen to make it more functional. It brings me joy to move through the kitchen now and I don’t feel like an out of town guess in my own kitchen any longer.

4. Enjoy the process. It is fantastic to grow and invest in myself. I enjoy turning new efforts into new abilities. I am on my way to making a big impact in the world, and it has all started with working on myself a little bit every day. We are all in process, enjoy it!

5. Family, and friends that are like family, are oh so important. When all is said and done and we are achieving the goals we have set for ourselves the sweetest of the sweet is sharing this life with the people you love. Sometimes while we are grinding every day we forget to look up and acknowledge the people that stick by us through it all. Making time for connection has become a huge priority in my life.

My hope is that you already know all this already! It is never to late to gain some clarity and learn something new. It will enrich the life you lead and the relationships you have. Be true to yourself and spent time improving your mind, body and spirit. Chances are you already know right where to start!

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