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I Have Not Always Been a Badass

Earlier today, I spoke with a friend. She and I talked about the usual stuff you would talk about with a girlfriend. Our children, husbands, stress and mindset stuff, lifestyle, money, and our businesses. You see, we are both wellness advocates. We desire to serve the planet while growing as individuals.

Both of us love chiropractic and the ADIO philosophy; that health comes from above, down, inside-out. A contradiction to the medical model's outside-in approach. Medicine has its place, but in my world, it is a last resort.

Not only did we talk about family and personal abundance, but we also talked about the Coronavirus. The media. The quarantine. The fact that we need to reach out to our prospective communities now, more than ever before. She asked me how I was showing up for my private communities, how I would increase my presents. My response was long, but in essence, I would continue to work on myself while teaching others how to nourish their way to better energy, less stress, and more well-being.

As I explained how I was going to take action, I felt like a badass! I said things like I would not allow anyone to disrupt my state. I told her how I nipped conversations in the bud that were all doom and gloom. That I was meditating for 45 minutes every morning on things like cellular health and financial abundance, doing yoga more regularly than ever, and that I genuinely responded, "I'm doing great!" to anyone who asked how things were going.

I felt amazing and empowered while speaking to my friend. So much so I thought, geez, this could be bordering on bragging. I felt that I better explain myself. Not apologize, but explain. I said, "I have not always been a badass," just in case she thought my confidence was out of line in the current climate. Then I laughed, not entirely sure what she would say. She laughed, too, and told me that I just found the title to my next blog post.

So here we are.

The thing is, I have slowly created a small community of people around me. People who want to save the forests and clean up our oceans. People who want plant-based alternatives and free education. People with dreams, people like you. This community values relationships and small business and standing up for ourselves. I love this tribe; I get as much as I give!

But I have not always been this confident.

One year ago, I did a talk. It did not go as I would have liked. I stumbled on my words. I lost track of what I wanted to say. In my mind, it was not a success. It was not a proud moment. But it was the catalyst to so much inner work. I have done numerous talks since. I have strengthened my voice, healed childhood trauma, cleared my financial blocks, and embraced who I am, wholeheartedly. Flaws and all!

Being on the mat.

Taking time to breathe.


Eating anti-inflammatory foods.

Eating fresh herbs.

Drinking tea.


Working a business, I LOVE!

Raising my boys.

Loving my husband.

Getting uncomfortable.

Not all at once, but in periods. When I needed too. When it was right.

Inner work has guided me and molded me into the woman I am today. The person who must take action. The person who wants to share and teach and laugh and cry with as many of you as possible. I can describe it only as a calling.

Which sounds funny! And pretentious. A calling to be myself.

As I see it, there is a whole community of people waiting for you to show up - as yourself! How will you do that? There are so many ways to contribute, to serve, to teach, to love and to mend. But I believe the work starts with you.

Our community, this mostly women, all of whom have struggled with stress-management and burn out. Some have had adrenal fatigue, and some have had thyroid issues. Some have had eating disorders, and others have wanted to feel lighter, more beautiful, and more energetic. My goal during this epidemic is the same as it was last week; to show up.

I want to show up with loving intention every day for you and everyone I know. I want to contribute to a culture where self-love is encouraged. But I have not always been a badass. Today, as I write this blog, I want you to know that all the failures and all the successes are the same. They are guiding you to a place where you can fully embrace who you are - the world is ready for you and your unique gifts.

Now get out there and be a badass!


By Kristen Moss

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