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Navigate With Clarity

When we know who we are and what we stand for, we raise our frequency so that our actions are aligned with who we are in the process of becoming.

Both Tuesdays and Fridays have traditionally been LIVE feed days, the two days a week I plan content for my Facebook Page - The Friendly Plate - when I reach out to my community (by video) and build value and show face. I skipped it today, and I have decided to reflect upon that in today's blog. Outside it is a little gray, and I feel like having a hot cup of coffee and making some carb-heavy treats - like pancakes or muffins. Something my vegan butter can melt on. Something sweet! I have had four video calls today! I reached out to several people in my community, and I asked if they are healthy, if they needed help with anything (because I am mobile and out of quarantine now) and if they would fancy a video call in the future, to stay connected. The response has been incredible, and I am in touch with more people now than I was before COVID-19 appeared....and changed everything. I used all the platforms to reach out today - Facebook Messenger and the Instagram equivalent, video conferencing, SMS, and the good ol' fashioned phone call.

Connection is one of my highest values. So are family, financial freedom, the planet, and congruency. I recommend all of my clients to find clarity around their highest values. It makes decision-making so much easier! Although my passion and lifework revolve around lifestyle coaching, which can often involve nutrition protocols and improving daily habits - frequently in my practice, we talk about connection - specifically, my client's connection to themselves. During our sessions, clients tell me about their self-care routines. Together we unpack what is essential to them, their values, and their goals. When we know our values, we can equip ourselves to navigate the world. I look at it this way; when we are firm in our values, we can focus on the future while enjoying the present. No distraction can deter us from our path. We know who we are and what we stand for, which raises our frequency so that our actions are aligned with who we are in the process of becoming.

So skipping out on my LIVE video feed today feels weird. I promised myself to be consistent. I promised my community. The thing is, I have become more flexible over the years. More flexible with people that think differently than I do, more flexible with my children, with my expectations of others, and in my goal setting. I mean, there are goals, and there are GOALS! I know from experience that the line from A to B is not straight, and won't it be boring if it was? Now you might think this flexibility is convenient; I get it but hear me out. Being able to pivot and do what feels innately right at the moment is a skill, in my opinion. When we can cut ourselves some slack and focus on the most important things - the things that really move us closer to our highest self, the other things that we "have to do" seem to be evident to us. Do I have a strategy? To be fully transparent here, I'll let you know that I have set sincere intentions in each of the essential areas of my life. These areas guide me in almost everything I do because these are my highest values.

Family - this includes my children and extended family Marriage - this includes strengthening our bond and honouring my partner and our connection Business - building value for my community Health - includes my physical, emotional and mental health Spiritual health - my relationship with Source, for you, this can be God, love, the universe... Your connection with a higher power Travel - I like to explore; exploration brings me joy Education - I want to learn new things every year

Let me be VERY clear - YOU find your values, and let those be your guide.

So what did I trade my time for by not doing the LIVE? Does it matter? My intention with this reflection is to create space. Creativity, building wealth, connection, rest, learning, movement, and more all take time and must be prioritized. You get to prioritize your highest values. What you do, who you do things for, and when you "allow your values" to guide you, I promise your life will feel more colourful. You will be connected to yourself and to self-care in the most natural way possible; self-care means doing the things that increase your energy, happiness, and vitality.

Just now, I received a call from a friend of mine. He had a fantastic business opportunity. His pitch was good, and he wanted me on board. After listening to him and then checking in with myself, I knew straight away it was not right for me. The opportunity was not congruent with my values. He appreciated my ability to cut through the noise and make a decision; I explained wholeheartedly why it was not a good fit. I appreciate the offer; it WAS flattering! The simplicity of decision-making without a guilty conscience is incredibly powerful. I urge you to discover your highest values!

The clarity it brings is priceless! Clarity and connection to self are essential in today's world. The clarity and mindset you need to continue to have a positive outlook for yourself and for your children are vital. What you value, what you say yes to, no to - what you act upon ALL matter and make up the life YOU live. During this strange time in history where we are part of a global pandemic, we have, as a collective, understood that we must band together and play by the same rules. Simple rituals like hand washing and the one-meter rule - sterilizing our hands before and after entering the grocery store and other new norms influence how we move in the world. Besides all that, continue to do the inner work. DO the things your heart whispers for you to do. Allow your values to be your guide! When you get distracted, remember you have a choice, you're in the driver's seat.

You'll see me doing LIVE feeds soon enough! But for the time being, it feels good to slow it all down a little and get back to basics. To have a cup of coffee...and a muffin. To pivot and reassess what is guiding me. The "have to dos" or the highest values. Stretch and chant, and dream and embrace what your heart is telling you to do next. I am holding space for you! Namaste people!


By Kristen Moss

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