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Is the V-word unsettling?

The Friendly Plate is my holistic nutrition practice. Inside the four walls of my office, I teach others about the healing potential they have within and how a plant-based approach can be influential on their journey to better health and healing.

There are many advocates for the Keto diet or the Mediterranean diet. In fact, there are advocates for many different diet approaches. Whatever the diet - the diet direction must work for the individuals who align with those lifestyle approaches.

Plant-based living requires a paradigm shift.

I have clients who come to me who require assistance with their lifestyle diseases with a more omnivore paradigm. Of course, I respect everyone is on a journey, and I support them in any way I can - but the truth is that going plant-based means a new paradigm for most.

Thinking seasonally.

Thinking organic first - unadultered - and locally sourced.

A less is more approach to eating.

Why might you #govegan?

There are many reasons to turn to a 100% plant-based diet. The switch often leaves people feeling empowered! They are doing something for the animals and for our planet. Others choose to do it for health or simply shed a few pounds. During the 70s and 80s, going vegan meant giving something up, but now with the help of social media, individuals can quickly find a community near them, vegan restaurants, and even festivals, all catering to their newfound lifestyle.

But deciding for yourself if going plant-based is something you want to do for your own health - for the planet - or for the animals is very personal.

I believe that if you are going vegan for the animals, you might be influenced to consume more vegan "junk food" than if your motivation was for better health and healing. Don't get me wrong, when I have a sweet tooth, I am thrilled that there are alternatives out there, but I do not base my meal plans on processed or ultra-processed foods, and neither should you. Even if the food you are eating is not harming another animal on the planet. You have to ask the question, are your daily food choices harming you?

What are the long term effects of eating this way?

Although a plant-based diet is full of beautiful, healthy fruits and vegetables - not everyone chooses to eat simply, within modest portions and seasonally. You may be consuming way too many refined sugars and carbohydrates and still be vegan. Over time, this will negatively impact your body composition, cardiovascular system, and overall well-being.

So going plant-based and eating simple ingredients is the better choice.

The less processed, the better.

If the V-word is unsettling - try going with plant-based and dip your toe into a new paradigm.

Try instead thinking about the quality of the ingredients you are ingesting. Consider if the food was harvested or produced.

A lifestyle centred around a whole food plant-based diet is nourishing, sustainable, and, I might add, a delicious way to nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.



Kristen Moss

Nutrition Consultant & Lifestyle Coach

Mother of two

Global citizen

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