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New Knowledge - New Experience

As many of you know The Friendly Plate was birthed out of a place of wanting to serve my fellow man. I was serving full time in a vitalistic chiropractic office. I loved being part of another human being's healing journey, but being a chiropractic assistant did not allow for the hands-on experience my soul really craved. I knew I was meant for more. More listening. More empathy. More leadership. More knowledge. More giving, loving and serving.

I enrolled with Bauman Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and I became an NC, that's short for Nutrition Consultant. In December 2019, I opened my consulting practice and started seeing folks one to one, both in person and over Zoom. The learning curve was natural, and I loved every minute of it.

Today I continue to learn. Mostly about nutrition, healing, breathwork, movement, habits, and supplementation. It is apparent to me that the food system has been drastically altered and that many of us do not have access to nutrient-dense, whole foods - organically grown and locally sourced. In an attempt to give my clients the tools they need in the form of supplementation and education to heal their bodies, increase their energy, balance their hormones, and improve their digestion, I have taken on a new role. You will find me at the local health food store one to two shifts a week. I am overjoyed to have joined a team of women that genuinely care about their health, their customer's health, and the health of our planet.

Being in this environment has challenged me to think quickly and aid the customer on the spot and in real-time. This is very different from one-to-one coaching, which is my primary focus. But it has taught me so much, and I am sure that this experience will deepen my knowledge and help me help my clients on an even deeper level.

If you have questions about your supplement routine or you are struggling and would like to discuss it, don't hesitate to reach out. I am always in your corner!

Look at this, it can be a lot to navigate!

In my health food store, we have over 1000 items. These include vitamins, minerals, bitters, liver cleanses, apple cider vinegar, MCT-oils, serums, gluten-free alternatives, vegan alternatives, KETO products, honey, baby products, feminine products, herbs for men, herbs for women, teas, bars, fermented foods, ferment starter packs, and so much more...

Do you have questions? Get in touch!


Kristen Moss NC

Buteyko Instructor & Lifestyle Coach

Mother of two

Global citizen

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