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" The following testimonials are my why - beacuase helping others thrive is an incredible blessing." 

Kristen Moss NC and breathwork coach

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Michelle, USA

Kristen's coaching was tremendously beneficial to me and my health.


She listened deeply with no judgement and provided knowledgeable feedback and reflection. Using her vast knowledge of nutrition, health and wellness, she guided me in developing healthy lifestyle plans, as well as nourishing meals and lifestyle habits.


My work with Kristen helped launch me toward much greater energy, vitality and overall health. I highly recommend her and The Friendly Plate!

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Frederik, Norway

Absolutely fantastic and practical nutritional advice!


Kristen inspired me to eat healthier in a way that worked for me. Now, I feel lighter, fresher and more energized. I highly recommend her!!!

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Wendy, UK

I started working with Kristen during my Ironman training, initially for support and a boost to my energy.

She has a refreshing interest and makes suggestions that are easy to implement. Tips varied depending on my personal commitment during our time together.


At no point did I feel pressured or restricted. 
Kristen is a great listener and really helped me to understand specific topics and highlighted the importance of the information that was unique to me.

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Renee, Germany

Love this! I have been communicating with Kristen for a couple of months now. She responds quickly and gives tips and ideas that are easy and usable.


I love making the recipes she has shared with me, which are also easy to make. She is passionate and caring in her work and it shows!

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Marianne, Norway

Shortly after I started working with Kristen, she told me she thought I was gluten intolerant. To my surprise, I was.


This alone has changed my life!


My stomach pain is gone. I seldom have a headache. My energy is greatly improved, and my mood is generally brighter.


Kristen is devoted to discovering how she can help you feel your best. I found her to be very kind and always available.

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Damaris, Norway

Kristen is wonderful to work with. She meets you where you are and works with you step by step to help you make the changes to improve your health.


I’ve worked with Kristen since March, and I’m much closer to my weight goal than in March. I’ve also seen an improvement in my overall relationship with food. I still love eating but am much more conscious about what I’m putting my body and portion sizes.

Would highly recommend Kristen!

Older Woman Outside

Pamela, Scotland

Kristen was recommended to me by my son, and I must thank him for the introduction, as she has made such a change in my diet/health and all for good.

Not only professional but so thoughtful in dealing with menu plans, exercise, breathing and general health issues.


Even giving advice when a new issue arose!!

With all of the tools Kristen has provided, I look forward to ensuring my health stays on track, and I know that at any point I need help, I can drop an email and have her full support again.
I would recommend her coaching in a heartbeat.

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Sheetal, Germany

Working with Kristen has helped me see life and myself in a different perspective.


By working on things like nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, sleep hygiene and so much more I was able to change a lot around me and myself.


Thanks to the sessions being over Zoom, it was so easy to get in touch with her. She's also very flexible which was so helpful during my exam phase.


I'm just so so grateful for being able to work with Kristen. She's passionate about what she does but still so professional and takes her time with you.


I love that I never felt rushed, pressured or judged. You can truly tell how genuine she is. It was easy for me to get comfortable, even though we communicated through Zoom.


She made me feel heard with my struggles which is so important to me. I really enjoyed the sessions with her!

Full Moon

Thainne, Germany

Being able to work with Kristen this year has made such a huge impact on my life.


I was able to take more self-accountability by having someone on my side reminding me of the things I need to do in order to grow.


Kristen has helped me create goals, create recipes, create routines and so much more.


I am thankful that we crossed paths in this life!

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Lindsay, UK

Kristen has so much knowledge and passion for a plant-based lifestyle! She is creative and encouraging when offering suggestions as to how to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.


She has a non-judgemental approach when giving advice and is refreshingly authentic. I highly recommend her!!

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Morten, Norway

Very good 😃. Got good help with regard to food and food plans, and many good tips on how to implement these into daily life. Kristen is genuinely interested in your success, and is a very comfortable lady to work with👍.

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Kristin, Norway

It is really interesting talking to Kristen about nutrition and health, love her way of connecting eating well and healthy with the way the mind and body works...she has a gentle yet passionate and nonjudgmental way of sharing her knowledge I feel, and lots of inspiration for better health.

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