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Up Coming Webinars

Navigate the holiday overwhelm with simple reduced breathing exercises.

Healthy living! What does it mean to you?

Join the next LIVE workshop to hear more about how a breath practice can help you obtain a healthy mindset and how this mindset can help you turn your goals into a lifestyle. Breathing is instrumental in everything we do but many of us have dysfunctional breathing and we are not even aware of it. Did you know that how you breathe during the day will affect how you breathe while you sleep? Do you suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea? JOIN the webinar on Dec 15th to learn more. 

If you have concerns about obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia or you currently use a CPAP machine - be sure to register for the next webinar to learn more about healthier ways of breathing.

See you then!


The next Zoom workshop is:

December 15th 10.00 CET

Virtual Team Meeting

Topics that are often covered are:


Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Stress and overwhelm

Plant-based nutrition

Serving size​


Gut dysbiosis

Adrenal fatigue

Liver detox

If you have questions about healthy living and healthy eating attend a webinar or

reach out for a one-to-one consultation. You'll find a free link to my Discover Call scheduler in the banner on the home page.​

The information provided is meant for educational purposes only.

If you have concerns about your breathing during wakefulness or while asleep do not hesitate to connect with your family doctor.

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